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KIWI Flat Laces

KIWI Flat Laces

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KIWI Flat Gray Laces šŸ‘ŸāœØ

Upgrade your shoes with these durable, 45-inch gray laces from KIWI. Perfect for sneakers, running, and walking shoes, they are made from strong, abrasion-resistant synthetic fiber to ensure they last. Keep a pair in your gym bag for added convenience.

Key Features:

  • šŸƒā€ā™‚ļø Durable and abrasion-resistant
  • šŸ’Ŗ Ideal for sneakers, running, and walking shoes
  • šŸŽ’ Convenient for gym bags
  • šŸŒŸ Tightly woven for longevity
  • šŸ”˜ Stylish gray color

Keep your shoes looking fresh and secure with these long-lasting laces!

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