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Pretty in Pink: Smart Portable Bottle Warmer – Fast Charge, 3-Temp Settings, On-the-Go Convenience

Pretty in Pink: Smart Portable Bottle Warmer – Fast Charge, 3-Temp Settings, On-the-Go Convenience

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🍼 Meet Your New Must-Have: The Pretty in Pink Portable Bottle Warmer! 🌟

Wave goodbye to the hassle of cold baby milk and embrace the convenience of our Intelligent Portable Bottle Warmer. Perfect for on-the-go parents, this sleek device ensures your baby's milk is always served warm and comforting, just the way they like it! 💖

Why You'll Love Our Bottle Warmer:

  • Intelligent Temperature Control: Customize your baby's milk temperature with three adjustable settings—45°C for a gentle warmth, 55°C for medium warmth, and 65°C for toasty milk. Simple to adjust with color-coded light indicators (🟢 Green, 🔵 Blue, 🔴 Red) and a hassle-free switch function.
  • Constant Temperature Maintenance: Thanks to the 4-layer insulation design, our warmer keeps milk consistently warm. It’s powered by USB, making it the perfect companion for car trips, office use, or even just a day out.
  • Easy to Use and Clean: Crafted from waterproof polyester and PU leather, the warmer is not only stylish but super easy to wipe down. Plus, it's adjustable to fit most baby bottles, making it as versatile as it is indispensable.
  • Ultra-Portable Design: Compact and lightweight, our warmer fits easily into any diaper bag or purse. Charge it anywhere with a USB cable—ideal for busy parents on the move!

Product Details:

  • Size: 29 x 13 cm (11.4 x 5.1 in)
  • Material: PU leather, heating film
  • Power Input: 5V, 2A, 50Hz

What’s Included?

  • 1 Portable Bottle Warmer
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 Set of Instructions

Please Note: Power bank and baby bottles are not included. This device is designed for insulation, not for heating from cold.

🌈 Make Feeding Time a Breeze: Whether you're dealing with nighttime feedings or daytime outings, our Portable Bottle Warmer ensures that your baby's meals are always just right. No more cold milk mishaps—just happy, satisfied sips!

Get ready to transform how you warm up baby's milk with our Pretty in Pink Portable Bottle Warmer—because your little one deserves the best comfort, even on the go! 🎈

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