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Galvanized Angle Nails

Galvanized Angle Nails

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Enhance your trim and hobby projects with the Arrow 1 1/4-Inch Galvanized Angle Nails, 1000-Pack (15G32-1K)! šŸ› ļøāœØ

These versatile nails are perfect for various trim jobs, baseboards, moldings, and crown moldings. The galvanized finish offers excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring durability even in challenging environments. The 34-degree angled design provides optimal penetration and holding power, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Use these nails with the Arrow 15G Pneumatic Nailer and genuine Arrow fastener tools for the best results.

Key Features:

  • šŸ“ 1 1/4-inch galvanized angle nails
  • šŸ’Ŗ 34-degree angled design for optimal holding power
  • šŸŒŸ Corrosion-resistant for durability
  • šŸ› ļø Ideal for trim work, baseboards, moldings, and hobby projects
  • šŸ”§ 1000 nails per pack for extended use
  • šŸ§° Compatible with Arrow 15G Pneumatic Nailer and genuine Arrow fastener tools

Make your construction and DIY jobs easier and more efficient with these high-quality galvanized angle nails!

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