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Power Supply Cord

Power Supply Cord

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Easily Replace Short Power Supply Cords with the 8-Foot 16/3 SJTW Replacement Power Supply Cord! 🔌✨

Perfect for portable power tools, dishwashers, trash compactors, and garbage disposals, this durable cord ensures a secure connection every time with its molded-on plug that won't pull apart.

Key Features:

  • Length: 8 feet - Ideal for extending reach
  • Heavy-Duty: 16/3 SJTW gauge conductors
  • Electrical Rating: 13A/125V/1625W
  • Durable Insulation: Kink-free PVC insulation
  • Secure Connection: Molded-on grounded plug
  • Indoor Use: Suitable for various appliances

Keep your tools and appliances powered up and ready to go with this essential replacement power supply cord from Prime!

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